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Comfort Guardians LLC

Home Care

Comfort Guardians, mission and vision is what drives the everyday goals of the company and how we commit to providing the most compassionate and skilled caregivers in the field. We provide care services that help maintain Independence Comfort and Safety wherever you see our smiling faces. 

The Owner's 

Hello! We are the Bassuk's Newlyweds! We love our beautiful community and strive to help seniors age in place with quality care. Together we make a strong organizational Home Care team helping seniors in the community with all of their personal, social, comfort and emotional support.  We strive to enrich the lives we serve and provide better outcomes by providing a , skilled, screened and trained compassion and empathy team (caregiver/companions).   We love our community, our seniors, our wonderful team and provide safe, compassionate quality care to those we serve.  



To provide compassionate, dependable and empathetic care to those in need. To commit to a higher standard of quality assurance of cares. To help relieve stress and burden on client and family. To help the healthcare community by building strong relationships and valuing referrals. To have staff that maintain moral and ethical character. 



To provide service that others can rely on and help clients remain in their home close to family and loved one's. To provide that extra care support needed to maintain Independence, Comfort and Safety. To be an Industry leader in quality assurance of cares. To have strong healthcare relations that leaves an impression among others in the field. To provide a skilled, compassionate and empathetic care team that relieves stress and burden on clients and family. To provide respite, hospice supportive care and extra care needed for loved ones in care facilities. To be a smiling face, a comforting soul and hand to hold.  



   Hello, my name is Alanna Jones-Bassuk   

   Comfort Guardians believes that quality care begins with clients and family being aware, informed and educated about the process of home care and healthcare and what they can provide. 

    Transitioning out of the hospital and being faced with new issues you never faced before can be confusing and even scary.  Let me assure you that it does not have to be. With the proper resources and knowledge the transition can actually be pretty smooth and seamless. 

   I Believe health outcomes should be number one  initiative for healthcare providers. Quality care initiatives are important for healthcare providers to follow and keep up-to-date with. Evidence based practice should be used, to provide better health outcomes reduce hospital readmission rates, increase recovery time and help maintain quality of life for patients/clients.

   Comfort Guardians believes in building trust and loyalty in our relationships. Home Care services creates an intimate environment resulting in the need for compassion, trust, loyalty and confidentiality.  

   We strive to maintain the highest level of compassion, integrity and trust in the industry. We build and nurture our client relations to become a valued friend of the family and seen as an extended part.  We are not just a care service we are so much more than that! 


Thank You!  Alanna Jones, Founder /Administrator



    My Name Is Alanna Jones-Bassuk, I am the founder of Comfort Guardians LLC Home Care, I started the Company in July of 2018. We are a family operated business a husband and wife operation. We strive to enrich the lives we serve and help our wonderful seniors in the community with support services.

   My purpose and motivation to open my own Home Care Agency was brought on by my 13 years experience in the healthcare field and the extraordinary amount of information and experience I gained working in the nursing field. I have first hand experience with care giving and understand the amount of work, attention to detail, compassion and skill required to safely take care of patients/clients.

   I have educational knowledge, degrees, and certificates in Nursing, Business and Healthcare Administration and Management and know what it takes to have a well-rounded quality management plan to drive better health outcomes, reduce readmission rates to hospitals and provide superior quality assurance of cares. I have personally worked in hospital care setting for high observatory patients, rehabilitation, long-term acute care, assisted living, hospice, home health and home care.

   I personally, know how hard it is to see a loved one declining and needing care. I took on the sole-responsibility of taking care of my mother during her illness and her final transition. I remember, those months sleeping beside her chair in the hospital the sleepless nights checking her blood sugar dosing insulin and ensuring her oxygen was kept on. I remember, checking her sugar again in the morning fixing her something to eat, giving meds, setting appointments, transporting her to doctors and dialysis centers. She needed full-assistance with transferring, bathing, dressing, feeding and ambulating.

   I was in my second year of Nursing School, taking care of my children and had to quit work and move across country to provide those round-the-clock cares. It left me depressed, burned-out and with sad memories no child should have. At the end of her passing, I was in a state of having to rebuild my entire life.

   My Passion is helping others, I understand what it takes to provide quality care not just quality care but building trust and value in relationships. I understand personal care services takes a bond of trust, confidentiality and loyalty. Being able to help someone in their weakest moments is an honor and privilege. It gives me great pride in helping others stay independent, comfortable and safe.

   Please, If you have any questions or concerns about healthcare, home care or concerns about your needs or the needs of a loved one, I encourage you to send an email out to me. I will respond as soon as possible, usually less than 24 hours. [email protected]

   Comfort Guardians is not the ordinary home Care Agency. I personally believe my presence and guidance is crucial to the quality care measures I placed for my company. I use evidence based research in processes and care initiatives to successfully achieve quality care, better health outcomes, decreased hospital readmission rates, provide increased communication between healthcare providers clients and family.

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Call Today For a Free Home Care Assessment!

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Licensed by The State Of Colorado.


Agency Follows all State and Federal Regulations and Mandates.


Our Compassionate Care Providers are Experienced, Trained, Licensed, and Insured.


Dedicated to Providing the Most Compassionate, Ethical and Skilled Quality Care.